Brightside Polyurethane for Striping and Boottops is a high quality polyurethane finish that has been formulated for application to boottops and accent stripes. Brightside contains Teflon which makes it easier to clean and better able to resist staining. Teflon also increases the abrasion resistance of Brightside.

For use in fiberglass, wood and properly primed metal surfaces.


Application Details - Super Boottop Striping Enamel

  • Area - Above water
  • Finish/Sheen - High Gloss
  • Number of Coats - 2 to 3 minimum
  • Method of application - Brush / Roller / Airless Spray / Conventional Spray
  • Available colors - View drop down menu
  • Suitable for high speed boats? - NO

Brightside Polyurethane (Pint)